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World Congress of Audiology

19 / 22 April 2020, Warsaw - Poland

We are pleased to announce that the XXXV World Congress of Audiology (WCA) will be held on April 19-22,  2020 in Warsaw, Poland. Like in previous congresses, the WCA 2020 will provide academic, clinical and industry professionals with an unique opportunity to learn about recent global progresses in the area of hearing science and audiology.  Its uniqueness comes from the wide international participation that the WCA attracts. The exchange of ideas, problems and solutions relating to the multifaceted aspects of audiological and hearing care energizes participants and facilitates the creation of new partnerships and endeavours.  

The call for abstracts is now open (deadline: 15 November 2019).  Today we are writing to encourage submissions to the dedicated session Sounds from around the world: Bringing Audiology together. The idea is to highlight the scope of audiology practice in a country or region.  At the 2018 WCA in Cape Town we enjoyed presentations which  introduced us to research and practice in Easter Europe (Sebastian Cozma), Brazil (Teresa Momensohn-Santos), South Africa (Susan Strauss) and Asia Pacific (Hubert Ramos).  Reviewing their presentations in the provided links could help you in preparing a submission.  There is also the opportunity to submit your presentation as a paper to the International Journal of Audiology.

We hope you will consider submitting an abstract; we want to hear! When preparing an abstract for submission, please indicate that your submission is for the session Sounds from around the world: Bringing Audiology together.  If you would like more information, please contact Thais C. Morata at

We will also remind you of the possibility for students to apply for scholarships for attending the event, see

Thank you for your attention to this email and hope to see you in Warsaw!

Thais C. Morata, Ph.D.; M.A.

Representative of the Affiliated Societies

International Society of Audiology          

World Hearing Forum

We are honored to inform you that the International Society of Audiology was approved as a member of the World Hearing Forum (WHF). Our Society is in official relations with the WHO since 2014 and is actively involved in all activities of the WHO programs.

The World Hearing Forum has been set up by WHO following the adoption of the World Health Assembly Resolution WHA70.13. Hosted by WHO, this will be a network of committed stakeholders to drive a global initiative for advocacy and awareness, in order to achieve the goals of the resolution.

WHF members include Member States, non-governmental organizations, private sector entities, philanthropic foundations, and academic institutions.

The WHF envisions a world in which no person experiences hearing loss due to preventable causes and those with hearing loss can achieve their full potential through rehabilitation, education and empowerment.

The goal of the Forum is to facilitate the implementation of the WHA70.13 resolution and support WHO’s advocacy actions in the field of hearing.

Objectives of the World Hearing Forum:

  • Undertake advocacy efforts for galvanizing support and raise awareness for ear and hearing care
  • Promote networking for knowledge sharing

Together with other members of the Forum ISA will promote the work, vision, goals, and objectives of the Forum; actively initiate and participate in the activities, discussions and deliberations of the Forum; participate in the Forum Membership Assembly; participate, as appropriate, in the Forum working groups; share knowledge and information with other members of the Forum.

International Society of Audiology membership is effective as of July 2019.

Please feel free to share this news with your colleagues. Only together we will be able to achieve the goals of the field of ear and hearing care.

Prof. George Tavartkiladze
ISA Secretary General

AAA 2019 Report Back

By Erich Bayer (in German)
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Audiology in the United States of America

The United States of America is the third most populous nation, with greater than 320 million people, and is the third largest in total area (3,796,742 Sq miles/ 9,833,517 km2). The United States consists of fifty states, a federal district, and various territories.

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