Who are we?

Who are we?

We were founded in 1952 to connect professionals in ear and hearing care from across the globe.

We are a Society that includes individuals and Audiology organizations representing in excess of 50,000 members in 28 countries.

We are a major stakeholder of the International Journal of Audiology which we make available to our members.

We are an organization in official relations as a non-State actor with the World Health Organization since 2014 which is granted on the basis of an agreed three-year plan for collaboration, consisting of technical activities.

We are the custodian of the World Congress of Audiology which takes place every second year. One of our "Affiliates" are selected to host the event 6 years in advance during a WCA. Voting for the WCA in 2030 will take place during the Paris congress in 2024.  

We have in recent years become the owners of the Global Audiology initiative which is currently being transferred to the Wiki Varsity platform. 

We facilitate webinars presented by subject matter experts from across the globe. 

Contact Us

Mr George Dempster

+44 78 9595 1871