Membership Categories

Individuals apply to become either a full member or a student member. Members are requested to read the statutes and bylaws before applying for membership. 
Student membership is now free - Click here to apply to become a student member

One full ISA member in good standing will receive $5,000 USD during May 2024. All members  will be entered into the competition. Register for the World Congress of Audiology in Paris for a 2nd entry

Full Membership

To become a full member of the Society, the applicant must be in possession of a university degree in Audiology or any related field and be engaged in some clinical, research or teaching aspect of Audiology.

Full members pay $75 USD for 12 months and 
$110 USD for 24 months.

Student Membership

Student must be enrolled at an academic institution studying towards a degree in Audiology.

Students have full access to the International Journal of Audiology, may participate in our webinar series and apply for scholarships.

Student membership is now free. You are required to upload an image of your student card during the join process.

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