Computational Audiology Network

Computational Audiology Network

We're excited to introduce the Computational Audiology Network (CAN) as a new Special Interest Group (SIG) under the ISA umbrella. CAN aims to enhance hearing healthcare, improve the efficacy of audiological interventions, and reduce the global burden of hearing loss through computational approaches. Via our partnership with ISA, we hope to stimulate discourse, collaboration, and innovation within our global community of scientists and clinicians.

What is Computational Audiology?

It is a branch of audiology that employs techniques from mathematics and computer science to improve clinical treatments and scientific understanding of the auditory system. You can read more about it and find numerous examples on our Computational Audiology website. Simply put, it is applying AI and modern tools in hearing research and clinical care. We believe computational audiology can empower clinicians to make a greater impact and provide individuals with hearing loss better and more affordable care.

The Computational Audiology Network (CAN)

CAN started informally in 2020 to share knowledge and tools related to computational audiology bringing experts from different disciplines such as AI and Audiology together in order to stimulate innovations for people with hearing loss anywhere. Through our website and events such as the virtual conference on computational audiology (see the upcoming VCCA2024), we strive to share cutting-edge research, highlight clinical innovations, host discussions, and disseminate valuable resources including models, tools for remote audiology, but also funding and job opportunities for the community. Here you find an overview of online services for professionals which we hope are also useful for ISA members.

Back in 2020 we didn’t know how AI would impact our society or hearing healthcare in 2024 nor what tools would be available, and we also don’t know how it will impact us in 2028. But we are curious and we believe it is worthwhile to explore new tools with enthusiastic people, learn about the opportunities and risks, and share these with our peers. We would like to see new ways of interactions which are (so far) not really followed by the mainstream, like virtual conferences, online working groups and exploring on new tools or technologies. Technologies are changing so fast nowadays, that we believe that with CAN we also need the ability to adapt to new developments very fast.

Below are our main objectives and more details can be found in our bylaws.

CAN’s main objectives:

  1. Digital Space: To provide a digital platform serving as a knowledge and software hub.
  2. Events: To facilitate events, fostering discussions, learning, and collaborations.
  3. Alliances: To seek collaborations beyond traditional boundaries.
  4. Harmonization: To work towards unified standards in hearing healthcare.
  5. Fundraising: To secure funding to support computational audiology initiatives.
  6. Community Engagement: To present research outcomes in accessible formats to engage the broader community.

The ISA / CAN Special Interest Group

The ISA signed a memorandum of understanding with the Computational Audiology Network to form a special interest group (SIG) within the ISA. All members of the ISA that meet the CAN requirements are encouraged to join the SIG. For full ISA members, it comes without additional costs.

Joining CAN – SIG

We hope you are interested in joining us as a CAN member! We are a small group and your ideas and contributions can make a difference. We're looking for active, dedicated members — be they professionals or students from fields relevant to computational audiology (e.g audiology, AI, engineering, etc). Ideas for new initiatives or ways to interact with peers are welcome and are appreciated

We're proud of the diversity and international representation at our conferences, reflecting the varied challenges and resources available worldwide. This diversity is crucial for developing new tools for people with hearing loss.

Our SIG is committed to inclusivity, welcoming scientists, clinicians, engineers, developers, and all who are eager to contribute to this vibrant field. We look forward to your participation in CAN – SIG, where together we can learn and collectively shape the future of hearing healthcare.

The CAN executive board

Jan-Willem Wasmann, MSc – President
Karina De Sousa, PhD – General Secretary
Nikki Philpott, MSc – Treasurer
Hector Gabriel Corrale de Matos, BSc – Web developer
Tobias Goehring, PhD
Simone Graetzer, PhD
Jessica Monaghan, PhD
Seba Ausili, PhD

Join the CAN - SIG

Existing ISA members:
Full and student members of the ISA join the CAN - SIG by simply sending a mail to 

Non ISA members:
Click here to become a FULL MEMBER of the ISA. Membership fees are $75 for 12 months and $110 for 24 months. Visa and Mastercards are accepted.

Click here to become a STUDENT MEMBER of the ISA. Student membership is free. Students are required to upload a copy of their student card.