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The Executive Board shall have responsibility for establishment, terms of reference, and oversight of any committee of the Society. The members of any such committee shall include designated members of the Executive Board together with any additional Members of the Society as the Executive Board may deem appropriate. The President and Secretary General shall be ex officio members on any committee of the Society.

Congress Committee

Professors K Stephan and G. Tavartkiladze

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The Congress Committee shall be responsible for oversight of each successive Ordinary Congress or any Extraordinary Congress. The Congress Committee will be responsible for liaison with the President of the Congress on a regular basis, and for any recommendations to the Executive Board on proposed changes to the Guidelines for organisation of the Congress.
The members of the Congress Committee shall be determined by the Executive Board and may include the President of any previous or upcoming Congress.

Nominations Committee

Professors L Hickson

Members are appointed 6 months before the ISA General Assembly

Formation of the Nominations Committee (NC)

About three months prior to the upcoming General Assembly (GA), the President-Elect and President should invite three other reputable ISA members from different regions to form a Nominations Committee. Care should be taken in ensuring that countries that are underrepresented in the membership will not be disadvantaged. The President-Elect should be the Chairperson of the NC. Three other members should come from the three regions suggested by the Chairperson and approved by the Executive Board. Members of the NC should be presented with this Guidance Notes and agree to the following: 

1. They accept the terms and conditions listed in this Guidance Notes

2. They will participate fully in the nominations process from the start to the end

3. They will reply to emails sent to them regarding nomination matters within two working days

4. They will not accept nominations or self-nominate to any position of the ISA Executive Board

5. They will declare and avoid conflicts of interests

6. They will keep all information discussed in the NC confidential

Nomination by ISA members

Nomination for President-Elect and Members-at-Large should be carried out at least 5 weeks prior to the GA. The Chairperson of the NC should send an email to all members regarding the nomination process and invite them to nominate or self-nominate appropriate ISA members. Members should be reminded that the nominations are subject review by the NC and approval by the Executive Board (EB).

The letter to members should state:

1. The current member composition of the EB

2. The positions open for nomination

3. A list of past Presidents and a reminder that there should be a preference for the region of the President be rotated across years.

4. That the nominee should have demonstrated leadership, contribution to ISA and global audiology and have been an ISA member for a substantial period of time.

5. The nominee should submit a completed nominee form (Appendix 1) and CV to the Nominations Committee.

Members should be given two weeks to respond and nominate potential candidates.

Consent from nominees

Nominees will have to provide consent to the nomination and to return a nominee form and a CV for members’ consideration and these information must be submitted to the NC within three weeks of the call for nomination. Late nomination or late submission will not be accepted. Nomination with incomplete information will not be accepted.

As an individual should only be nominated for one position only, nominees will have to turn in a nominee form indicating the position they are being nominated for.

Initial considerations by the Nominations Committee

The slate of nominees will be sent to members of the NC for consideration. Members of the NC will be asked to determine whether we have sufficient number of good candidates for each position and whether we need to nominate other candidates.

In the consideration of the list of nominees, members of the NC will be asked to refer to the attached form that we would ask the candidates to fill out (filename: ISA nominee form) and to consider the following qualities as well as to suggest others that could be important to consider: 

1.     Professional standing

2.     Leadership experience

3.     Knowledge of and contribution to Audiology development around the world

4.     Commitment to serve ISA and its community

5.     Knowledge about and commitment in serving ISA

6.     Likely commitment to serve the Board for the term designated (six years for President-Elect and two years for a member-at-large).

7.     Rotation across countries for Member-at-Large within a region.

8.     Rotation across regions for President-Elect. 

To decide whether we have a sufficient slate of nominees, NC should also consider:

1.     Whether a particular country is overrepresented in terms of the number of nominees and how the background of the nominees compare to current EB makeup.

2.     Whether the composition of nominees will address the goal of having the President-Elect rotated across regions.

As prospective members of the Executive Board should be able to show that they are committed to ISA and know ISA well. Nominees of the following membership status should not be considered:

1.   A non-member

2.   A person who becomes member for the first time in the past two years

3.   A person who was formerly a member but has not kept ISA membership current.

Members of the NC will be given two weeks to consider the nominees and raise issues for discussions. Conflicts of interests should be declared and considered.

Decisions from the Nominations Committee

A the end of the two-week period, members of the NC will be asked to vote. As the role of the Nominations Committee is to decide on a slate of suitable candidates and not the best candidates, they will be asked to vote for all nominees whom they think would be suitable. Simple majority vote will be used to determine the slate to be presented to the Executive Board for approval.

Approval from the Executive Board

The slate of nominees who received majority vote from the NC will be sent to the Executive Board for approval. The role of the EB is to raise concerns that the NC have not considered. The EB should also decide on a single candidate to be presented to the GA. Simple majority vote will be used.

Final considerations by the Nominations Committee

After receiving consent from nominees, the NC will be asked to consider the final slate of nominees to determine whether there are sufficient number and representation for each position. Two weeks prior to the Election, this slate of nominees will be posted in the members section of the ISA website for members to access.

Election at the General Assembly

•   Election of EB members will be held by the current President-Elect at the upcoming GA.

•   Further nominations will be allowed at the GA but not encouraged as all members have already been given opportunities to nominate.

•   When there is only one candidate for a Member-at-Large region, there is no need to vote.

•   When there is more than one candidate for a Member-at-Large region, all current members present at the GA will vote and simple majority vote will be used to determine the election results.

•   The President will only cast his/her vote to break a tie.

•   No proxies allowed.

•   Elected members will start their duties immediately.

•   The new EB meeting will be held within 24 hours of the election. The Secretary General of the EB will inform all members about the election results within five working days.

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Scholarship Committee

Professor S Purdy

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Finance Committee

Professor L Hood

Professors K Stephan
G. Tavartkiladze
L Wong

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Scientific Committee

Information coming shortly

Information coming shortly

The Scientific Committee shall be responsible for considering proposals and making recommendations to the Executive Board for scientific activities and programs of the Society, and awards and honors.

Communications Committee

Professor Astrid van Wieringen

Professors L Hickson
L Wong
G. Tavartkiladze (IJA Council)

The Communications Committee shall be responsible for all print and electronic media activities of the Society, with the exception of the International Journal of Audiology (IJA) which is governed by its own council. The representatives of the International Society of Audiology to the IJA Board shall be appointed by the Executive Board.

The Communications Committee shall monitor communication strategy, where appropriate audit the running of any publication(s) of the society, propose new communications initiatives, and recommend to the Executive Board nominees for editor and/or co-editors of the various publications, including electronic
websites, of the Society.

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