Our Affiliations

The ISA has affiliations with more than 40 audiology associations in 28 countries representing in excess of 50,000 individuals. Additionally we are proud of our associations with  the World Health Organization, World Rehabilitation Alliance, World Hearing Forum and the International Journal of Audiology. 

Affiliate Organizations

40 Affiliates in 28 countries 

World Health Organization

We are an organization in official relations as a non-State actor with the World Health Organization since 2014 which is granted on the basis of an agreed three-year plan for collaboration, consisting of technical activities.

World Rehabilitation Alliance

The World Rehabilitation Alliance (WRA) mission is to support the implementation of the Rehabilitation 2030 initiative through advocacy for strengthening the health system to provide rehabilitation, as an integral part of Universal Health Coverage.The ISA Is a member of the WRA for the period 2022- 2024. 

World Hearing Forum

In 2019 the WHO admitted the ISA as a member of the World Hearing Forum which is a network of committed stakeholders to drive global initiatives for advocacy and awareness, in order to achieve the goals of the resolution.

Click here to visit the World Hearing Forum Website

International Journal of Audiology

The International Journal of Audiology was created by the merger of Audiology,  British Journal of Audiology and  Scandinavian Audiology and is an international journal dealing with the needs of the developed and developing world. The ISA is a shareholder of the IJA.

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