The International Society of Audiology was founded in 1952 to facilitate the knowledge, protection and rehabilitation of human hearing and to serve as an advocate for the profession and for the hearing impaired throughout the world.


Pierre Trenque
Terence Cawthorne
HAE Van Dishoeck - Netherlands
Pr Aubin - France


The first president was from France 1952

Secretary Generals

Pierre Trenque appointed the first secretary general in 1953

Assistant Secretary Generals

Dai Stephens appointed 1st ASG in 1986

Editors of Audiology

H.A.E. van Dishoeck from the Netherlands was appointed the 1st Editor

Editors of the International Journal of Audiology

S. Arlinger from Sweden was appointed Editor on Chief

Aram Glorig Award

The 1st recipient Marion Downs received the award in 1984

World Congresses

First world congress held in the Netherlands during 1953

Extraordinary Congresses

First ISA extraordinary congress was held in Stockholm during 1948

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