Aram Glorig Award Recipients

At its biennial World Congress, the International Society of Audiology presents the Aram Glorig award to recognize a person who has had a “distinguished career in Audiology.” The Glorig Foundation was established at the International Congress of Audiology (ICA) in Helsinki in 1982. It was the idea of ISA’s late president Ole Bentzen (Denmark) to do something to honor Dr. Glorig’s many, many years of service to the Society and the profession. Dr. Glorig was one of our founders. Dr. Bentzen gathered a group of people whom he knew to be Dr. Glorig’s friends and colleagues, and it was then decided that he would best be honored if an important and prestigious award was given in his name. The original organizing group included Don Henderson (U.S.), and Frank Martinson (Nigeria), Gunnar Lidén (Sweden), President, and Sanford Gerber (U.S.) as Secretary-General.

The first Glorig Award was presented to Marion Downs at the Santa Barbara Congress (U.S. - 1984). Since then, it has been awarded at every succeeding meeting to a deserving colleague. The list of awardees includes:

The selection of the recipient is made by the Scientific Committee of ISA and confirmed by the Executive Board. The Aram Glorig Award is usually presented at the business meeting of the International Society of Audiology during the World Congress of Audiology.

We invite ISA members to celebrate the recipient’s achievement with us by attending a special lecture to be given by the recipient of the award at the World Congress of Audiology.

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