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The Membership Fee includes:

  • a personal copy of the International Journal of Audiology.
  • a copy of any issue of Series in Audiology when available.
  • the newsletters ISA and HI as well as the AUDINEWS newsletter which can be viewed here.
  • reduced participation fee to future congresses and meetings.
  • participation in voting procedures of representatives to the ISA right of active participation in general assembly of ISA.
  • Chance to voice your opinions on hearing impairment, audiology and audiological health care through the channels of the ISA worldwide.

Please note:

If you are applying as a member of an Affiliated Society at a reduced dues rate you must answer the question asking for the name of our affiliated society.

If you are applying as a student you need to forward proof of your student status (a copy of your student ID card or a letter from your advisor indicating you are a full time student which is defined as 50% time or more.

Option #1: By Credit Card or Cheque
Membership Fee for... Period US Dollars After you click one of the BUY NOW buttons below, click :"Checkout."
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Members of affiliated national societies 1 year $65

Members of non-affiliated national societies 1 year $75

Members of affiliated national societies 2 years $110
(save $20)

Students -
Scholarships available thru Phonak which reduce student dues to $25 per year.
1 year $25

ALSO REQUIRED: A copy of your student ID and/or a letter from your advisor indicating you will be a student for the full year in which you are applying. Mail/email:

George Mencher, Ph.D.
International Society of Audiology
214-202 Walter Havill Drive
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada B3N 3M4


Life Member -
Over 70 yrs and a have been a member of ISA for 10+ years
1 year $25

Existing members can select "Express Checkout" if there are no changes to your profile.

Option #2: By Postal Mail
We prefer you use option 1 above, but if you would like to fill out a paper form and mail it in with your check, please download this
PDF Associate Member Application.

Questions? Email us.


Membership of the International Society of Audiology is open for all people fulfilling the requirements. You can apply by sending in an application form which can be obtained from the secretariat.

Associate membership is now open for everybody with an interest in Audiology.

Affiliated membership opens the possibility of co-operation between a national, a regional and the international society in the organization of a workshop or a meeting or the publishing of a newsletter. Information of interest to a wide audience will then be more readily available and can give people a more international view on our multi-disciplinary work. It also opens the possibilities of structured help to parts of the world where audiology needs much support. Societies are being approached to join ISA. Every Society is invited to contact the Secretariat.

Full membership requirements:

  • University degree in Audiology or any related field working in the field of Audiology
  • Associated membership requirements working in the field of Audiology without a University degree or having a professional interest in Audiology being supported by two members or by an affiliated Society affiliated membership regional or national Society of Audiology.
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Now hear this:

Invitation to participate in the development of the WHO Framework of Rehabilitation Services

The International Society of Audiology (ISA), represented by one of its members, Ariane Laplante-Lévesque, attended the World Health Organisation (WHO) Framework of Rehabilitation Services which took place on 29-30 June 2017 at the WHO Headquarters in Geneva. The meeting was part of the initiative WHO Rehabilitation 2030: A Call for Action. Twelve external participants and five WHO participants were present.

The meeting discussed the need or not of a WHO Framework for Rehabilitation (in other words, a tool to describe best practices in rehabilitation services). The two main goals of such a framework would be 1) to push for the inclusion of rehabilitation in Universal Health Coverage in countries and 2) to describe required workforce competencies to plan for human resource needs. In summary, all meeting participants could relate to the importance of these two goals, but had conflicting views on the relative importance of a Framework, especially given that several classifications for rehabilitation services already exist. Most authors of these classifications were present at the meeting. The idea of putting together a congress on rehabilitation workforce planning in around four years was mentioned. Since the meeting, Prof Richard Madden, who works on the International Classification of Health Interventions, has asked ISA for our input on their work, where they classify health interventions according to service provider (where and context) and service delivery (how, target group, service goals, etc). ISA will review audiology-related interventions to be included in this classification.

For more information, please contact Ariane Laplante-Lévesque via email.

Noise exposure during pregnancy and hearing in children

The dangers of unsafe listening

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Student Membership in ISA:
A special student membership in the International Society of Audiology is available at $25.00 USD per year for those students in the fields of hearing science and audiology. This opportunity has been made possible by the generous contribution of Phonak. Memberships include on-line access to the International Journal of Audiology (IJA), reduced fees to the ISA World Congresses, meetings sponsored by ISA Affiliated Societies worldwide, and access to our website and membership.

Communications Disorder Newsletter

View document: Preferred Practice Patterns for the Profession of Audiology - with friendly permission of ASHA.

International Journal of Audiology

Editor in Chief: Ross J. Roeser PhD

Each issue features original clinical and review articles, Time-saving abstracts that outline the relevance of a study  to your practice, A book review of the latest literature, A preliminary report on a roundbreaking new study and  News and conference information directly from   the British Society of Audiology, the International Society of Audiology,and the Nordic Audiological Society.

To access the International Journal of Audiology online, ISA members must login and click on the IJA link on the Members Only main page.


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