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eNews - August 2019


Meet and Greet
Meet and greet Clinicians and Scientists from all over the world to discuss state of the art research by attending the World Congress of Audiology which takes place in Warsaw from the 19th to 22nd April 2020.

Important Congress Dates
1 August 2019
Registration and abstract submissions open
20 September 2019
Early registration payment received
15 November 2019
Deadline for abstract submission and Scholarship applications

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Aram Glorig Oration
Aram Glorig Oration will be presented to Professor Ross Roeser

Ross Roesper

for his contribution to the scientific world of audiology and making the world a better place for those people with hearing loss.

ISA Mission
ISA mission is to be the global home that connects users of audiological services and professionals in audiology from around the world.

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WCA 2020 / ISA Scholarships / Humanitarian Initiative / Welcome B-Audio / A message from the ISA President


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ISA Scholarship


Through a fellowship from Phonak, students that are enrolled at an academic institution, studying towards a degree in Audiology can become student members for only US $25 per year.

ISA Student membership includes a subscription to the International Journal of Audiology, a discount on the registration fee for the World Congress of Audiology, as well as being eligible to apply for a Scholarship to present at WCA2020.



The Healthy Hearing discipline of Healthy Athletes provides comprehensive hearing screenings and follow-up recommendations for persons with intellectual disabilities. For more information visit the website

Hearing screenings take place during events of Special Olympics (

As global clinical advisors, Meggin van der Hilst and Melina Willems ensure that screening protocols are in place and provide training to professionals and students.

Our objective is to have worldwide volunteers capable of providing hearing screening.

Hearing impairment is often not recognized by the athlete nor by his/her environment. This highly impacts communication and quality of life. It is of vital importance to screening hearing at regular intervals in life.

Megan van der Hilst and Melina Willems
(L) Megan van der Hilst
(R) Melina Willems



B-Audio is a new Belgian audiological society and is affiliated with the Royal Belgian Scientific Society for ENT-ORL.

Objectives include the promotion of information exchange in audiology by stimulating discussion and collaboration in the field of audiology in Belgium, across the different related disciplines, meetings, training and education. Visit for more information.


WCA 2022 - Hong Kong


Please add to your calendars the 2022 World Congress of Audiology which will be held in Hong Kong.

WCA 2024 - Paris

The majority of ISA members voted to support the French Society of Audiology’s bid to host the World Congress of Audiology (WCA) in Paris during 2024. Bids are now open for the WCA2026 – contact for further information.




As the ISA President, it is my pleasure to bring to you a newsletter designed to keep members abreast of the current ISA developments. As this is the first one after the cessation of Audinews from a while back, I would like to recap some of the major developments from the past few years and provide some information regarding the current status of the Society.

Over the past few years, the Executive Board has been modernizing the Society by making changes to the structure and operations, including:

  1. Modified the Statutes and Rules, led by former Presidents Bob Cowan and Linda Hood and confirmed by ISA members in 2018;
  2. Appointed E2 Solutions, a management and technology company to assist with membership and day-to-day operations;
  3. Drafted and implemented guidelines and a formal agreement for organizers of the World Congress of Audiology (initiated by former Presidents Bob Cowan and Linda Hood), to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the parties;
  4. Contributed to the drafting of the WHO Resolution on Prevention of deafness and hearing loss in 2017, thanks to the efforts of our Secretary General, George Tavartkiladze;
  5. Renewed the ISA’s official relations with the WHO in 2017, credit again to the relentless efforts of our Secretary General, George Tavartkiladze. The ISA is one of only two hearing healthcare professional bodies among 66-non-State actors with official WHO relations;
  6. Applied and received membership of the WHO “World Hearing Forum”, which we successfully obtained in July 2019;
  7. Establishing standard operating and financial procedures for the ISA, led by our Secretary General George Tavartkiladze and Member-at-Large Linda Hood;
  8. Redefining the mission and vision of the ISA with an aligned marketing plan.

To facilitate the development of the ISA, starting from last year, each Executive Board member was assigned specific roles so the Society could be more strategically positioned to promote global hearing healthcare as listed below:

  1. Operating and financial procedures: George Tavartkiladze, Linda Hood and Lena Wong
  2. Nominations: De Wet Swanepoel
  3. ISA Scholarship: Kurt Stephan
  4. Congress Organization: Kurt Stephan
  5. Membership: Louise Hickson
  6. Communications: Astrid van Wieringen
  7. Handling of WHO matters: George Tavartkiladze
  8. Affiliate societies: Thais Morata

We invite individuals who have interests in enhancing the development of the Society and global hearing healthcare to provide feedback and participate in our initiatives. Please feel free to send any comments as suggestions to

Members are encouraged to share news and events via the ISA News. Please contact Astrid van Wieringen by