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XXXV World Congress of Audiology

Warsaw, Poland on 19-22 April 2020

Dear Colleagues,

We wish to invite you to the XXXV World Congress of Audiology, which will take place in Warsaw, Poland between the 19th and 22nd April 2020.

As organizers, we are honoured to host this supreme event that will gather scientists and practicing audiologists from all continents in a lively platform for sharing the latest clinical and research news.

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Global 2019

BSA eConference


Registration is now open for the British Society of Audiology eConference 2019 entitled "Global Connections."

Join us for a fantastic opportunity to learn from global leaders in Audiology and their recommended up and coming stars.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Professor Kevin Munro
  • Ibrahim Saud Almufarrij
  • Dr Melanie Ferguson
  • Professor Bob Keith
  • Lina Motlagh Zadeh

Why Connect?
  • 24-hour access to all talks for the entire duration of the conference
  • Flexible learning that fits around your schedule
  • Variety of speakers and topics
  • No need to travel, access from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Environmentally sustainable conferencing solution
  • Network with colleagues from around the world

Get involved!

The BSA eConference has delegates from around the world. We want to maximise delegate interactions with each other, as well as speakers and exhibitors. We have asked all speakers to regularly log in to the site during the first week to answer your questions.

Delegates will have 24-hour access to the eConference throughout December, however we strongly encourage all delegates to set aside some time to interact with the eConference site during the first week of December. Delegates who interact with the site and find our hidden clues will be entered in prize draws!


A key part of our BSA eConference is to share and learn from current research and developments in Audiology across the UK and internationally. Presenting a poster at the eConference provides the ideal opportunity to share your research, innovative developments or best practice and to network with colleagues. So why not showcase your work and submit an abstract for poster presentation?

Email your title and abstract, 250 words maximum to by 30th September 2019.

For more information and to register please visit



FSA Congress



Dear friends of the FSA,

It’s a great pleasure to welcome you to the 15th conference of the French Society of Audiology. True to form, the scientific committee has prepared a programme completely in line with current events in audiology. It is logically focused on understanding, exploring, and rehabilitating peripheral and central hearing loss in the context of the “ears” section of the “100% healthcare” reform. To be a full-fledged player in this reform, it is necessary to know how to perform speech-in-noise audiometry from 1st January, which will in effect open up the field for the diagnosis of disorders of the auditory neuropathy spectrum and central auditory processing disorders. What tests are available in French and how can we obtain them? What are their norms? At what deviation from the norm should we consider that the patient has an intelligibility-in-noise disorder making them eligible for a hearing aid? What are the WHO recommendations for detecting presbycusis? How can we explore central auditory processing such as spatial localisation or dichotic listening? These questions will be addressed in a resolutely practical way in nine workshops led by instructors experienced in performing all of these tests.

The conference will also be an opportunity to listen in plenary session to opinion leaders who have inspired the audiological rationale for the reform, either by directly performing hearing-in-noise tests or by revealing the unexplored mechanisms of hearing loss. In December, peripheral and central disorders are going to meet at the confluence of the Rhône and the Saône.


Wishing you an enjoyable conference,

Hung Thai-Van, President of the FSA



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Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Therapy Master Class

Dates: 13-15 July 2020

Venue: Birkbeck, University of London, London, United Kingdom


This course is designed for those who wish to pursue a career as an advanced practitioner in providing specialised care for children and adults experiencing troublesome tinnitus and hyperacusis. Students will gain a wider spectrum of theoretical knowledge and clinical skills with regard to tinnitus and hyperacusis rehabilitation. This course will outline psychometric assessment, appropriate referrals to ENT and mental health, evidence-based practice, application of specialist cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) in tinnitus and hyperacusis rehabilitation, and service development.

For more info watch this video 

Participants of the masterclass will be entitled to “free” registration for the 5th International Conference on Hyperacusis which has been expanded to include the 2nd International Misophonia Symposium, and the International Seminar on Hearing Care for Musicians (16-17 July 2020 at Birkbeck College, University of London). 

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5th International Conference on Hyperacusis 

(also includes 2nd International Misophonia Symposium, Noise Sensitivity Seminar and the International Seminar on Hearing Care for Musicians)

Dates: 16-17 July 2020

Venue: Birkbeck, University of London, London, United Kingdom

Conference Secretary: Dr. Hashir Aazh (UK) 

Scientific Secretaries: Professor Marlies Knipper (Germany), Dr. Mercede Erfanian (UK), Dr. Marja Heinonen-Guzejev (Finland), Professor Hannah Keppler (Belgium)     


Abstract submission deadline: 15th February 2020  

The 5th International Conference on Hyperacusis has been expanded to include the 2nd International Misophonia Symposium, Noise Sensitivity Seminar, and the International Seminar on Hearing Care for Musicians. The conference will take place on 16-17 July 2020 at Birkbeck College, University of London, London, United Kingdom.

This event is suitable for audiologists and other healthcare professionals who are involved in assessment and/or management of patients with tinnitus and hyperacusis/misophonia. This conference brings together studies of audiology, mental health, neuroscience, psychoacoustic, neurology, and other areas. A wide range of plenary sessions and interactive sessions are planned which offer practical guide for improving your clinical practice in assessment and rehabilitation for hyperacusis and misophonia patients.

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