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World Health Organization

See WHO Newletter

Position Paper on Newborn and Infant Hearing Screening

See WHO Paper

"WHO Guidelines for Hearing Aids and Services For Developing Countries"

Copies of the full guidelines may be obtained by writing Dr. Andrew W. Smith , Prevention of Blindness and Deafness (PBD), WHO, Geneva Switzerland or email

See New Guidelines


In the Members Only Area

Letter - Prof. George Tavartkiladze: ISA admitted into official relations with the WHO

Curriculum in Audiology
The General Audiologist - A proposal for a model training programme in general audiology. (October 2004)

International Society of Audiology - Code of Ethics:
Draft Model Document (January 2005)

Good Practice Guidance for Adult Hearing Aid Fittings and Services - Background to the Document and Consultation


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Noise exposure during pregnancy and hearing in children

The dangers of unsafe listening

New CIOMS Newsletter: CIOMS December 2014 Newsletter

EUHA Guideline: Individually tailored earmoulds for hearing protection

EUHA Guideline: Hearing protection for hearing aid users

News about International Ear Care Day, 3 March

Student Membership in ISA:
A special student membership in the International Society of Audiology is available at $25.00 USD per year for those students in the fields of hearing science and audiology. This opportunity has been made possible by the generous contribution of Phonak. Memberships include on-line access to the International Journal of Audiology (IJA), reduced fees to the ISA World Congresses, meetings sponsored by ISA Affiliated Societies worldwide, and access to our website and membership.

Communications Disorder Newsletter

View document: Preferred Practice Patterns for the Profession of Audiology - with friendly permission of ASHA.

International Journal of Audiology

Editor in Chief: Ross J. Roeser PhD

Each issue features original clinical and review articles, Time-saving abstracts that outline the relevance of a study  to your practice, A book review of the latest literature, A preliminary report on a roundbreaking new study and  News and conference information directly from   the British Society of Audiology, the International Society of Audiology,and the Nordic Audiological Society.

To access the International Journal of Audiology online, ISA members must login and click on the IJA link on the Members Only main page.


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